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Significantly Local: Janja Kosi & Tytus Szabelski

24. 5.–29. 5. 2022
Ajdovščina Underpass, Ljubljana, Slovenia

All photos by Lana Špiler
The exhibition presents two art projects included in the first issue of the contemporary art magazine ETC. In the first issue we present artistic practices that focus on the local environment. Janja Kosi's project Serving Suggestion addresses the notions of space, architecture, homeliness, emptiness and consumption. She analyses these through the local manifestations of the global furniture giant Ikea. Szabelski presents AMZN, a multi-layered multimedia project based on a series of photographs of Amazon warehouses. They are accompanied by the story of workers' difficulties collected in union leaflets, stories of solidarity in an era of increasing automation, and insights into the consumer experience.

Etc. is an annual magazine, dedicated to showcasing current artistic production from the Baltic to the Balkans.
Based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, each issue is dedicated to a relevant topic in art and life. Founded to promote emerging artists, its goal is to initiate a dialogue, inspire collaborations, and challenge set views.